1. Select items you want to sell;
  2. Our extension or application will create a trade offer once we find you a buyer.
  3. You will receive sound/email/popup notifications when it happens,
  4. You will have 5 minutes to accept trade offer in Steam mobile app after receiving the notification.
  5. Open Steam mobile application, tap "Confirmations" on the main menu and select the trade.
  6. If you do not the accept trade offer we will cancel it.
  7. After you accept offer, your balance on the desired website
  1. You need to make some of your Steam profile data (your inventory, game info, profile itself) public:

    a) Click "Edit Profile" on your Steam profile page.
    b) Click "My Privacy Settings".
    c) Set your profile, games information and inventory to "public".

  2. Now you need to install the Steam mobile application and set up the Steam Guard Authenticator
  3. You will be able to trade 14 days after setting the Steam Guard up.
  4. You'll also need to install our browser extension or desktop application to trade on Shadowpay.

Steam Guard allows you to accept trades that only give you skins without confirming the trade in Steam mobile application. Trades in which you give out some skins however should be confirmed.

7 days after setting up Steam Guard you will be able to trade freely, until then content of your trades will be held in escrow for up to 15 days.

Official Steam mobile app

How to set up mobile confirmation

We calculate skin prices based on few marketplaces (including the Steam's one) so prices might differ a bit.Service fee is included in skin price reduction.

We accept almost any item above $0.10. Some items are not accepted because of their being unpopular on marketplaces.

You can only see tradable items which are not trade-locked (up to 7 days) and which could be accepted by ShadowPay.

Contact the desired website's support, they have all tools to check your deposit. If they are not able to help, contact ShadowPay's support - [email protected].